Museum - Factory   ( explanatory video below )

San Damon created and built in 2017,the world's first virtual country with the help of business lawyers,

sociologists, philosophers, all internationally recognized.

His name the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy, all that concerns San Damon, creator of a photographic process in 2004, Oniroscopism is on this site (link below).


54 intellectuals and academics, anthropologists, physicists, ministers, lawyers,

philosophers, artists, historians from all over the world talk about his works in prestigious museums and places in documentary films. (links below)


His records, like the installation "San Damon World Exhibition",

250 million views at the installation "Je t’aime par San Damon, metropolis under reflection" on the roof of a building necessarily visible by the entire planet or San Damon Oniroscopism in the city, 3 months of transposition of colors over 4 km in the city.San Damon astonished and upset art critics by its immense creation.As well as 13 unique pieces of jewellery at Altenloh.


The last step: Create, establish a dynamic and active museum dedicated

in all its forms at Oniroscopism : Photography,Sculpture,Music etc.....

And confronting other types of contemporary or old art in order to make emerge the debate by in particular exhibitions, conferences, merchandising, etc.....

This place will be a kind of embassy, a data center of the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy which will host more than 320 Oniroscopists works.

The infrastructure: a house bordered by 3000 m² of land overlooking a river which will be used for an outdoor conference and an exhibition of large format sculptures,

and another house almost identical but being at the edge of the river.


The museum will include :


a.) An exhibition room dedicated to photography

b.) An exhibition room and a tour in the private park dedicated to sculpture

c.) An Oniroscopists music room where will be played the famous Symphorapsodie Oniroscopiste written and composed by San Damon and performed in 2016 in New York and in the Brussels planetarium arena.

d.) Filming of films on the museum's new projects

e.) Dinner-debates, by-products, experiences obviously related to Oniroscopism, conferences with as guests intellectuals and academics from all over the world, etc.....


Cost: 826.000 €uros


Purchase of the head office for the museum : 599.000 €uros more notary fees 9,479 €uros (photos of the property which will become the museum,see below or on the site in the section Museum-Factory)


Infrastructures and facilities (Furniture essential to the functioning of the museum

Desks, chairs, surveillance cameras and manpower: 30.000 €uros


Suitable decoration (paint and labour, furniture, lighting, plants, projectors, microphones: 40.000 €uros


Works cost : 200 photographic prints and framed = 60.000 €uros.

15 Sculptures of 3 meters, bases and foundation on the ground "garden" + cost of the ironworker : 46.000 €uros and 15 sculptures 40 cm = 12.000 €uros = 118.000 €uros

Transport van: 30.000 €uros


Cost: 826.000 €uros


To reach this sum, we need 33,040 donors.


Thank you for mobilizing yourselves for this world premiere, for this museum which is necessarily a militant act for art and an intellectual and active participation in the life of extraordinary project.


In return: For these 25 €uros you will receive by e-mail with your name and date of birth, if you wish the data, an official certificate of authenticity of the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy, including a reproduction of a work of San Damon.


This certificate is unique for each person, it has a proven recognition of your citizenship of the country, the Grand Duchy of such, you will be kept informed of the activities of the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy.exhibitions, conferences and other activities will always be cheaper by 25 €uros for you.for example a conference at 30 €uros will have for you only a cost of 5 € is a kind of constant reimbursement.this certificate will also make you an Oniroscopian.

Promotional film about the Factory-Museum on Oniroscopism created by San Damon ( long version)

Official Certificate of Nationality of the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy

The holder of this certificate contributed, through his financial participation of 25 €uros, to the creation of the Musée-Factory Oniroscopist.


This certificate is sent exclusively by the official

e-mail of the G.D.O. It gives right to the exhibitions, conferences and activities of the said Museum.



This certificate belongs only to the holder named above who may under no circumstances, under penalty of legal proceedings, share or copy this document.