Calendar of the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy.

Some say that in the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy have aged less quickly.

Apart from the sweetness of life and the non-existent promiscuity, the calendar set up by the Damon couple consists of eight days and not seven with the particularity that between Thursday and Friday there is the onirosdi. In addition, April, May, June, August and November have 38 days. That's a year of 455 days. It should be noted that there is no leap year

With a difference of 90 days on calendars all over the world.


To take an example, when you are forty years old anywhere else in the world, in the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy, you are only thirty years old, one month and five days old. Not only are you almost ten years younger, but you have the impression, which is mentally important, of living longer, younger and healthier. It's necessarily meditate on.