French Animalist Party

The Animalist Party is essential to all democracies that wish to ensure that the etymology of this term is respected. Human hegemony is uncontrolled, it is

leads to excesses linked to profits of all kinds.

As we have known for a very long time, the climate and all other disturbances are due to human activities.


The first to suffer, to die from it, and to die from it, long before visible disasters, are animals.

The animals without whom the planet would be a desert without any resources.

We owe them everything and without restrictions, there is no need here to list them, they would be infinite. Only fools pretend to ignore it.

Having people who represent their interests and rights is fundamental.


San Damon and his wife as well as the whole team of the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy and those who follow us, invite you to mobilize in large numbers for the European elections in favour of the European Animalist Parties and in this case the French Animalist Party for both the European elections and all other elections.

It is a question of having a weight by your votes in front of those for whom animal welfare is a gadget or more precisely a voice catcher in front of disbelieving voters.