There was no invasion in the country in the last centuries, what is undoubtedly explained  by  the dense and hostile vegetation and possibly, as well, by a tenacious legend about the presence of wild animals, who would protect this territory.

A rumor has it that until the end of the 19th century Paleolithic animals still lived there. What is not a legend, though, is that the reign of Empress Ysiad 1st and Ounim 1st,who were joined by their blood brother Dranoel 1 st,was the longest in history, exceeding a century, between 1604 and 1708.


The three sovereigns shared all tasks very cleverly and continuously embellished the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy, so that their visionary initiatives turned the country into a heavenly, peaceful  place.The wild landscapes remained almost untouched.The longest river in the country, the "Gida", crosses it from one side to another, starting at the summit of the Sainte-Hatch mountain and descending resolutely, without leaving its bed,towards the famous valley of Damon.


It then winds up until reaching the sixth ocean.The three sovereigns distinguished themselves both for their receptiveness and the nobility of their souls. Historians’ memories of those sovereigns were the most appreciated of all times.

It was discovered almost by accident in 1964 by San Damon and his wife and their three children on a misguided journey. The penniless family at the time did not have the possibility of " Acquire the immense place whose surface is of 2854 km².

At the end of the sixties, fortune made, they decided to return to the vast private and natural domain.They acquired it in 1971.


Since it was recognized by international treaties,Oniroscopy was able to officially establish its capital,"Damilésemé".


It also managed to coin its currency, the "Oniros", which is presented only in the form of banknotes.The building where the stock transactions take place is the allegorical.


The notes are works of art, crafted in series, unlike the identity card issued by the state, which original artwork reproduction is limited to eight copies each.