Surface : 2854 km²


Capital city : Damilésemé ( 74 inhabitants )


The inhabitants of the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy are called Oniroscopians.


The country is located on planisphere, having Brazil on its left, Australia on its right,Belgium and Portugal on the North and both Luxembourg and Austria on the West.


Given its geographical location, the country, it is the only one in the world, enjoys a 5th season, a kind of intermediate meander between our summers and our autumn.


Oniroscopy is mainly composed of forest masses (30% of the territory) ,as well as beechwood, pine and oaktree forests (40% of the territory), flat land and mountains (15% of the territory). Those three stand for most important natural landscapes in the country. The remaining 15% of the territory is made of wetland, such as lakes and valleys.


The highest point is Crahuste Mountain, which rises up 4.805 metres.Its main river, which crosses the country from one side to the other, bears the name of 'Gida',another river, which is almost as long, has two different names depending on whether one is in the northern part of the country or in the southern part of the country.


On the North,it is called “Eau de Flor”, which means “Flower Water”, and on the South it is  named : Waasserouro.Rendition : The golden water.