From the point of view of descriptive climatology, the climate of Oniroscopy is described as warm and humid temperate type. Both the North and the West of the country are under oceanic influence and exposed to rainy winds.

On the contrary,the East has  a drier, continental climate with hot summers, as well as cold but dry winters. The snow can be abundant there, though there is Oniroscopy only one ski resort known for its calm and well-being.


The regional climate of Oniroscopy is largely conditioned by the topography of its mountains. There are often wide temperature gaps between locations that are geographically and altimetrically similar. As we reach higher altitudes, we first find a subarctic climate variety, with a resemblance of tundra, and sometimes even a polar climate type on mountain summits.

On the other hand, the plains of "Nardino Valleys" are sun-drenched during Summer and often until Autumn. The Damon valley is known for being the most luxuriant plain and is crossed by the longest river in the country, the "Gida",a majestic river, lined with flowers and gigantic plants.


During Winter, the plains exudes a melancholic, poetical mist, the rainy slopes display the reddish tones of grapes, blackberries and currants. The driest valleys abound with Autumn fruits, such as chestnuts, horse chestnuts and purple beeches.


The country which is sparsely populated in inhabitants knows on the other hand a high density of animals that live all in total freedom.In a similar way as animal species as a whole are venerated by certain Indian tribes.

The Grand-Ducal couple has from its origin established in its constitution the equal right between animals and humans.


The flag of the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy bears the emblem of the origin of mankind, the tree, as well as a representation of the animal inhabitants, the owl.