History :


Oniroscopism is a photographic style created and patented in 2004 by San Damon, a photographer and visual artist.This photographic technique is exclusively chemical and mechanical,which allows,during the developing phase,different stages making the particularity of Oniroscopism concrete,notably allowing a light of which the architecture is contravened,natural colours which are transfigured as well as prints of very large formats. Another of these stages steps in also during the shooting,via filters produced by the artist.


Technique :


If certain aspects concerning the rendering of his oniroscopist works remain obscure, notably on the level of the natural character of the [colours],of the light and of the manner of isolating different zones,which principally constitutes the objects and items of the patent,on the contrary we know with certainty that [San Damon] uses a series of filters of his own creation allowing variations on the light,on the colours and an astonishing brightness reproduced on paper,which in general is achieved only on a screen lit from behind.

But Oniroscopism consists also in a second stage,the technique aside this time.This stage is a deconstruction of the light and an organization of shooting axes which are often false low-angle shots,high-angle shots or perspectives making the obviousness we see at first sight as “voluntarily” inappropriate to the reality.The plays,light-axes-colours,of Oniroscopism bring another interpretation of the reality.Often an impression of movements under a complex form is added to it and diverts it even more from the first obviousness,in order to obtain a sort of doubt in a trompe l’oeil manner.


Colours :


The colours are mainly shadings going from ochre to Sienna as well as from blue to (particularly deep) black colours.

In between these two colour ranges San Damon gives a large variety of tonalities to the Oniroscopism.Shades of which the refinement and the subtlety make us think of the possibilities offered by the pigmentations generally obtained in painting.


The best known oniroscopist art works are :

The Christ,heritage of the Modern Art Museum of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Brussels.

The Last Supper in thirteen acts,heritage of the abbey of Maredsous,Belgium.

Two triptychs,possession of the Museum of literature and Archives of Brussels,can be found in the Reading Room of the aforesaid museum.The first one about the theme of city of Brussels and the second one about the theme of New York city.

Eight documentary films projected in different universities of the world are visible on the internet.In these four films thirty-two eminent intellectuals and academics speak about the Onirioscopism.


Quotations : of Marc Quaghebeur,director of the Museum of Literature,Brussels, Belgium :


San Damon makes us rediscover the urban world while playing with the spaces he overthrows and with the colours he transforms.Hence he allows time to get into his images while giving an impression of velocity at the same time.The generic word of Oniriscopism perfectly well suits his work.


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