Documentary films (interviews of 54 academics and intellectuals) on the works of San Damon

San Damon "Je t'aime" métropole sous réflexion

San Damon,Design-jewelry (Bruxelles -New York) Collection S

San Damon,Expo-projection sur une Symphorapsodie dans l'Arène du Planétarium Théâtre - Bruxelles.

San Damon,Oniroscopisme dans la ville

San Damon,Si j'étais une oeuvre d'art de San Damon

San Damon,L.O.A.C.

San Damon,Oniroscopisme

San Damon S.O.I. (2)

San Damon S.O.I. (1)

San Damon World Exhibition (complete film)

San Damon World Exhibition 1a and 1b are the films representing the largest contemporary art installation in the world.It has touched more than 200 million people.

Four very unusual and enigmatic films by San Damon on Oniroscopism 2 (A howl of laughter......But only for intelligent people).

Explanatory film on the operation of the identity card of the Grand Duchy of Onirocopy

(Despite what the video announces it works perfectly) vimeo is weird