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An unnoticed suicide, freedom. (film - concept)

Tatsumi Hijikata is the creator, the instigator of this new contemporary dance born in the late 1950s in Japan. A portmanteau word which means for its first syllable bu, "to dance" and the second, tō, "to knock on the ground"


Yuri Matsumaru has a peculiarity; bring another dimension to his gesture. Her performance puts us in the middle of the asylum, she comes out of butoh while staying there. His mastery of flamenco gives him ease and the cloudy mixture of the two disciplines consults us on feelings, ideas and reflections that we did not expect.

When it was born, butoh was nurtured by avant-garde artists from the European scene. German Expressionism, Surrealism and certain so-called “accursed” writers are indisputable examples.


San Damon is punchy, as always with him, he places the madness, the real one, at the center of the game, the one without which freedom is but an illusion. It encloses the better to free the movement of the choreographer. We have “photorechography” in front of us. His plant works, these unique dreamlike forests surround the act with emotion and help freedom to save itself. Words, texts, poetry and music make us understand what we are losing…. Definitely lost.


In this concept, the artistic marriage between Oniroscopism and Butoh, installs us in the front row of a labyrinth, a hyperrealistic and totally abstract mirror, but which, in the philosophical and intellectual sense, can only bruise us by the heartbreaking spectacle of the killing of one of the things that is so essential to us. A suicide perpetrated in near indifference, the biped decidedly understood nothing, only the animals who invented it, and who care so much about it, were in the procession.

Contrary to what the video's label says, it starts off perfectly. Click here

Shooting of the film "workshop" Chiba - Japan (Ichikawa district) february 2021