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Poems of San Damon

His poems were spoken by the writer Sébastien Cassidy. This time, it is Yuri Matsumaru, the Choreographer-dancer and fortune teller who says them in a very touching film. 15 sentences taken from her collection of poems "A few words for you".


A few words for you

Collection of poems



To write about love, to poetize about feelings, to speak about the heart, the soul or sex, all that can appear derisory.Except that only an idiot would be derisory not to understand that it is the essence of life.

                                                                        Oscar Bernstein (collector)

フィルム プレゼンテーション。サン・ダモンの詩集「あなたへのいくつかの言葉、」から15句を松丸百合が朗読。





                                         オスカー・バーンスタイン    (コレクター)